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Dormant Film Casting Company With Accidental Profits!  $17,000 *SOLD!*

Dormant Film Casting Company with Accidental Profits!
$17,000 *SOLD!*

This specialized casting service that serves the entertainment, commercial, and film industries has sat dormant for the last couple of years while the seller’s time has been dominated by a corporate position. Even though being dormant, it’s reputation and the lack of competition has produced sales and profits almost accidentally every year. This professional service can be run completely part time from a laptop and cellular phone, with most transactions happening via email. They have found a proprietary way of not only cataloging talent, but also instituting a very intuitive way of the production team to find who they are looking for with near immediate results. This system streamlines the whole process and makes life easier for both production and talent. This company does not take a percentage from the talent but rather is paid directly from the productioin company who also pays the talent directly. This system can be expanded into other states as well and has unlimited upside potential. If you like the entertainment industry and would like a light, easy, low overhead company to supplement your income (with the potential of being much much more) then take advantage of this incredible opportunity and contact us today!

Asking: $17,000

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