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Downtown Sandwich Shop & Specialty Bakery

This unique sandwich shop and specialty bakery has seen consistent sales growth since it’s inception in 2007. Providing unique and delicious sandwiches and salads has provided a stable lunch business and base cash flow. Located in a central area that has a saturation of coffee shops ready and anxious to sell fresh, local baked goods and products. The problem is the lack of specialty bakeries to provide the products. This business has seen consitant growth due to the addition of more wholesale accounts. Competition is scarce. Growth has also been supported by adding wholesale accounts by providing baked goods to the myriad of coffee shops that populate the area around the bakery. During the past year, competitors have left the market place, opening an opportunity to fill the product niches they supplied. The seller has done the hard work in branding and building the business to a sustainable level with which an ambitious buyer could take it to the next level.Take advantage of this unique opportunity today!

Gross Revenue: $117,472.00 (2010 Annualized)

Net Cash Flow: $19,034.00 (2010 Annualized)

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