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South King Absentee Operated Tire Shop  $349,000 PENDING

South King Absentee Operated Tire Shop
$349,000 PENDING

For years this business has been serving their market by supplying used tires. By purchasing tires with in a certain tread depth, the seller is able to meet the large market demands for affordable yet reliable products. Currently the seller operates the business semi absentee through employee management as she lives in Central Washington. This is not a glamorous business but it is very profitable. The seller doesn’t market at all, no advertising, no website and no social media. She also doesn’t take credit cards and limits her customers to those with cash only. An ambitious buyer could greatly improve the revenues by taking cards and engaging in even the most basic marketing. Take advantage of this little gem and inquire today. An NDA will be required of all inquiries.

Revenues: $477,464

ANCF: $122,000

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