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Special Vocational Training School, Transportation Industry

Special Vocational Training School, Transportation Industry

Simply put, this is a well run and attractive business opportunity. The company has a long and profitable history, continuously operated by the original founder who now would like to retire. While many companies have been struck down by the economic downturn, this company has held its own due to strength of reputation and the quality of product it provides to its students through strong leadership. This vocational/trade training school is in an industry that will not be going away anytime soon. In a publication from earlier this year, Big Rig Driving, Trucking Industry Research & Discussion, had this to say about the future of the truck driving industry, “Even with an economy that is solid but not booming, driver demand has always been high. If you add the retiring baby boomers and the new CSA 2010 program to the prospects of a recovering economy in the years ahead, the potential for truck driver demand for the foreseeable future seems to be very, very good”.

This school draws its students from a very broad spectrum of sources including both the public and private sectors. Students can learn about this company through print advertising, on-line advertising, community job fairs, local colleges, government programs, military training programs, corporate training programs and best of all, direct referrals from graduates who have gone on to have successful driving careers after graduation. The school offers a complete compliment of programs ranging from school bus and shuttle bus driving through commercial construction truck (dump truck) training and full sized tractor-trailer rigs; doubles as well.

The facilities include a full compliment of vehicles required for training purposes throughout the entire scope of programs offered. The training yard is more than ample for close quarter and back-up training. The administrative offices, classroom, on-site housing facilities, and shop are all housed at the same location. This operation is conveniently located at a large interstate interchange offering immediate access to a widely diverse set of environments for on road training. All facilities are meticulously maintained and with complete documentation reflecting the care and dedication to providing the clients/students with the industry’s premier driver training experience. If you would like more information on this solid business offering, please contact us.

Revenues: $1,630,527.00

Asking: $595,000.00

Net Cashflow: $223,441.00

Equipment Included in Sale: $175,000.00

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