How Will the Increase in the Capital Gains Tax Impact You?

There has probably never been a better time to sell a business – for many reasons; The biggest may be an upcoming increase in the capital gains tax.

Raising the capital gains tax from 20% to approximately 39.6% would have a huge potential impact on what you, as a business owner, could expect to net from the sale of your business. And the new administration has indicated a big increase in the capital gains tax could be upcoming. Healthy businesses are selling quickly, so there is still a window of opportunity to sell before any increase takes place.

In addition, it’s a great time to find out what your business might be worth because:

Right now, buyer activity is high, including high net worth individuals, strategic buyers, and private equity groups. It’s a seller’s market!

Businesses are REALLY SELLING – there is an extraordinary amount of pent-up capital waiting for the right business opportunity in which to invest.

Many businesses are SELLING at a PREMIUM – COVID 19 has created a backlog of capital and buyers that is driving demand in most industries.

Right now, you should take the time to see what your company might be worth today. I am with Sunbelt Business Advisors, Minnesota’s largest seller of companies, and can quickly set up a Confidential Business Valuation with no cost or obligation – again, 100% confidential!

You should get all the facts. We’ll do all the homework. You make all the decisions.

I know sometimes the more successful you are, the more difficult it is to imagine ever selling your business – even though you could move on to even better things. It’s important to have the facts either way.