What Does Buying A Business Look Like For Me?

Buying a business is a huge decision and we are committed to finding the right match for you as the buyer.

At Sound Business Brokers, we will take the time to understand what type of business you are looking for and work tirelessly to find the right fit. We have a proven process to ensure the opportunity matches what you are looking for.

Should I Start a Company or Buy an Existing One?

You want to be your own boss, for various reasons, and you consider your options – work as an independent contractor, start your own business, or buy an existing company.

There are always things to enjoy and tasks to endure with each option. Once you do a careful analysis with us, you’ll see why many seasoned entrepreneurs buy vs. starting from scratch.

Starting a business of your own can pay great dividends, but it’s important to understand that the risks are significant. The vast majority of start-up businesses falter and eventually fail. An uncomfortably high percentage of businesses fail within the first 5 years of business (+50%) and only ⅓ make it to 10 years.

Purchasing an existing business, however, reduces an entrepreneur’s risk while creating opportunities for tremendous profit.

Here are some reasons to consider the purchase of an existing business

Knowing that Sound Business Brokers is working with the company you are thinking about buying should give you confidence in certainty of closing…”

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What Is Required for A Buyer?

Every buyer must realize that business owners selling their business often do not want anyone to know about their decision to sell and have directed their business broker to safeguard their information and maintain a high level of confidentiality.  It is for this reason that we must obtain a signed non-disclosure (NDA) from each buyer before sharing any information concerning the business being inquired about.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a way for the buyer to give the seller their word that they will keep all shared information confidential and will not use anything obtained for competitive purposes.  Signing an NDA and then breaking the promised confidentiality can have serious consequences, however, most sellers will refuse to share details of their business without a secured NDA.  You can get a copy of our NDA here.

Buyer Profile

There are always things to enjoy and tasks to endure with each option. Once you do a careful analysis with us, you’ll see why many seasoned entrepreneurs buy vs. starting from scratch.

Personal Finance Statement

Some sellers may require an extra level of qualification before sharing their business details.  A Personal Finance Statement (PFS) is generally required when the business being sold involves delicate agreements or has Government contracts where damage to the business is likely if the word gets out that they are thinking of selling.  In these cases, sharing information with a financially unqualified buyer is too risky.  You can get a copy of our Personal Financial Statement here.


If you are an owner attempting to sell your own business, it’s important to recognize the steps involved in this process will begin to reveal that your business is up for sale.  Employees, customers, suppliers, and bankers can all get nervous, and competitors can look to take advantage of an opportunity. Sound Business Brokers protects the identity of your company and contacts only owner-approved buyers through a blind profile – a document describing the company without revealing its identity.

Business Continuity

When a broker is working on the sale of your business, you, as the business owner, can maintain focus on running the business.  You’re probably already wearing many hats for the company.  We gladly take on the time-consuming additional load of selling your business and give you space to keep your energy directed towards the essential functions of your business.

Reaching Potential Buyers

We have the tools and resources to reach the largest possible base of buyers for your business.  We then screen these potential buyers for financial resources which would support the potential acquisition.


Sound Business Brokers wants to present your company in the best light to maximize the sale price of your business. We have a trusted understanding of the key business metrics buyers are looking for, and can assist you in identifying changes that can result in a better selling price.

Valuing Your Business

At Sound Business Brokers, we know that every business is different, with a substantial amount of variables that have an impact on the value of your business.  Sound Business Brokers has access to business transaction databases which we used as guidelines and reference points in providing valuations.  We make sure your business is professionally well presented to better attract bidding between multiple financially viable parties so you can feel truly comfortable you received the best deal.

Balance of Experience

Most corporate buyers have acquired multiple businesses while sellers usually have only one sale.  Sound Business Brokers can help level the playing field for business owners experiencing the one and only business sale of their lives.

Closing A Deal

The long duration of a business sale can increase the risks of employee problems, customer defection, and predatory competition as well as potential business erosion during the sale process.  Since our sole function is to sell your business, we provide great opportunities for deals to be closed in less time.

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