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According to industry statistics provided by business brokers and industry publications, only 1 in 15 prospective small business buyers ever complete a transaction.

– Forbes 2020

Beat the statistics and successfully complete your sale or acquisition with Sound Business Brokers.

With over 90% of small business transactions failing, Sound Business Brokers successfully helps business sales & acquisitions across the finish line. As you determine the next steps for the sale of your business or the purchase of an existing one, retaining an experienced and well qualified business broker is an important consideration. The sale or purchase of a business is a complicated process with many moving pieces requiring thorough attention to detail and assertive collaboration between parties.

Properly qualified business brokers bring skills and training which are necessary to provide benefit to your transaction. Your business broker should operate like a mountaineering guide, ensuring you maximize opportunity while avoiding pitfalls. Said another way, your business broker is an excellent resource to provide you with experienced and professional navigation of the process with one goal in mind; to ensure your transaction is successful.

Our Professional Team Provides

support, guidance, & service

With over 30 years of trusted professional experience in the industry, Sound Business Brokers has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value and offers a unique service in Washington State. Full confidentiality, honesty, seasoned negotiation, and maximized due process are just the beginning of how we assist you in your journey to find qualified buyers and receive maximum value for your business.

From Start to Finish—Your Trusted Advisors

As a vital advisor during your business sale or purchase process, we’re here for you every step of the way. Our team of experienced trusted professionals is here to assist our clients in the confidential—selling of your business as well as giving qualified buyers, who have signed a non-disclosure agreement, access to your business opportunity. We provide business valuations and transactional guidance throughout the acquisitions process.

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