Why use a business broker?

You’re going to want an expert in your corner when you go to sell your biggest asset. Just like you would hire an accountant, attorney, or even consult with a doctor, a business broker has your best interests in mind.

A lot of business owners ask us: WHY USE A BUSINESS BROKER? We get this question all the time and respond with the same facts. Business brokers often add a lot of value in areas such as:


  1. Negotiate with (and on your behalf) expert buyers looking to chisel you down on price
  2. Save or rescue a deal when it looks dismal
  3. Find not just one buyer, but multiple buyers
  4. Knowing how to slowly release confidential information

Another reason to visit with your local broker includes the MACRO TREND sweeping the country:

“The next 15 years will be the largest inter-generational transfer of private businesses in the history of the world. 2012 marked the first year that “Baby Boomer retirement” was the primary driver of business sales in the private lower middle market. Researchers have estimated that more than $10 trillion in business assets may be transferred by 2025.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned being in business, it’s the fact that you cannot fight a macro trend. These mega trends will always win. Getting serious about your exit strategy is the first step to a good plan.