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Wes Martin, Managing Broker C.B.I.

Wes has spent the last 20 years involved in a variety of his family-owned businesses, ranging from a medium sized HVAC business, franchised deli shops, gas stations and full-service restaurants. During his tenure within the management of these businesses, Wes has been involved personally in multiple purchases and the eventual sale of several of his own businesses.

Combining his personal history and extensive transactional experience during the last five years in the business brokerage practice gives Wes a ground level perspective to his clients needs. Wes’ approach to his client relationships revolve around assisting them with their goals in an honest, professional, and confidential manner. Trade relationships include membership in the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce.

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Charles Morningstar, Broker

Charles Morningstar has represented selling companies in seven different business verticals, through the selling and acquisition process to closing. Charles has an entrepreneurial background which includes the founding and development of three separate companies. He started his first company in 1989 while completing his business degree at the University of Puget Sound, and the company was ultimately sold in 2006. Mr. Morningstar’s primary areas of expertise and focus are Manufacturing/Aerospace and Defense, metals fabrication, trades/construction and related material suppliers, agribusiness, and food and beverage.

Charles has since been engaged in advising business owners on preparing for and executing liquidity events which meet their personal and financial objectives. Charles truly comes from a “been-there-done-that” perspective. His own experience combined with his transaction history allows him to provide recent and real-world pragmatics, which help both buyers and sellers to better understand their specific transaction architecture. Charles’ devotion to bridging the gap between seller and buyer, coupled with his proven history of mediation and long-term business relationship success stories, has fueled his passion for creating win-win results.

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Ray Myers, Broker

Ray Myers is an business broker, entrepreneur and business owner. His deep passion and love for business led him to business brokerage as a way to assist entrepreneurs looking to increase value and/or exit their business. In addition, he operates two companies and serves on several boards and committees. As well, he is a frequent author and speaker with various organizations. He is a husband of 13 years and father of 4 children between the ages of 2 and 8.

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George Metos, Broker

After achieving degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, George spent 20 years in software development. He built an environment where 140 technical and creative developers could thrive building software products, and eventually merged with a public company. This was his first exposure to working with a business broker.

George has been brokering businesses for ten years, with an emphasis on industrial companies and specialties in towing and automotive recycling companies. He believes that an honest assessment of value is the first step in finding the right buyer for any business. Feel free to contact George regarding your future business plans.

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