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Avoid These Business Sale Myths

The typical business owner will only sell a business once. Understanding the complex process involved will help produce the best results. But don’t fall prey to the myths that can derail or seriously affect a potential sale. Myth #1 –…

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Adding Value to Your Business

If you’re looking to sell a business, it’s critical to look at the value of the business.  But a typical business really has two values.  The “academic” value is the one determined by a professional business valuation.  The other is…

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It will likely be the biggest financial deal you’ll ever make, so it’s vitally important to be sure you are properly prepared when selling your business. Taking the proper steps to get your business ready for sale can significantly improve…

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The Process of Buying a Business

 Buying a business is a process that takes time. It can sometimes take years to find the right opportunity. Unfortunately, many buyers want to look at all available options, thinking they’ll recognize what they’re looking for when they see it.…

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